Heavy Equiptment Motorcycle - ATV Fleet
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Heavy Equipment

  • Locate and Recover… Immediately locate your equipment from any PC or cell phone!
  • Hours of Usage… Records total hours of usage for billing.
  • Alerts… Instant phone and email alerts for theft, speeding, geofence violations, motion, service and much more.
  • Shock-Motion Sensing... Automatic notification for equipment tampering, and unauthorized movement.
  • Daily Auto-Locate… Reports every 5 minutes when moving.
  • User-Defined Geofences... Custom geofences let you know if equipment is leaving area, or entering a restricted area.
  • Virtual Odometer...  Keep track of mileage and run-times for billing purposes.  Full reports and notifications.
  • Maintenance...  Prompt notifications and reports for oil changes and other scheduled maintenance. 
  • Robust Reports... Hours of usage, detailed event, ignition on and off, and more.
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