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The GPS Vehicle Finder Fleet 2015 is ideal for companies whose GPS tracking requirements include:

  • Digital and satellite mapping 
  •  Automatic locates as often as 1 minute 
  •  Daily event reports (ignition on/off, moving, idling) 
  •  Other reports (activity, speeding, stop & timesheet) 
  •  Daily reports can be automatically emailed to you 
  •  Landmarks - View all your customers' names on map 
  •  Map historical bread crumb movement of vehicle(s) 
  •  Dispatch solutions (find nearest vehicle to an address) 
  •  Monitoring time when vehicle arrives/leaves job/home 
  •  Automatic notification if vehicle leaves authorized area

Critical cost, efficiency and customer service benefits to you include:

Fleet of Trucks
  • Reducing overtime due to increased driver productivity 
  •  More customer stops in a day resulting in added revenue 
  •  Adding billable hours through accurate stopped time reports at customer locations 
  •  Improving customer service by notifying customers how far driver is from their location 
  •  Lowering vehicle operational costs (fuel, maintenance, etc.) and insurance premiums 
  •  Eliminating unauthorized vehicle usage and side jobs 
  •  Improve dispatching through more efficient
Fleet of Trucks